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Odins Warriors Poker Run - Brisbane

Earlier this year I did a poker run with these guys down the coast at Tweed Heads and it was a great days riding - on Saturday it was the Brisbane chapter's run and I wasn't going to miss it.

The muster point was the Oxley Hotel just off the Ipswich motorway so I headed off from home about 11am. On the way I was supposed to pick Grizz up and take him from his truck to his bike and then ride to the Ox. When I got there he had arranged a lift with another bloke, so I headed off to the Ox to meet up with the others. When I got there I pulled into the car park - at this stage there were only about 20 bikes and a few cars in the near empty lot. Parked the bike next to the pair of Mean Streaks (Koffs green & Wolfs silver) and headed inside.Some of the bikes at the muster point
Caught up with the crew inside - Koff & Tiki, Wolf & Heather, Eddie & Lynne and Grasshopper. Now Eddie had decided not to ride coz there had been rain predicted ( a decision he would dearly regret later in the day) and Grasshoppers bikes (FXR and V-Rod) were not rideable, so the three of them came in Grasshoppers car. We got our first card and then headed out to the car park which was filling up in a hurry. Grizz finally showed up and not long after, we were away.Grizz, Koff, Tiki & the bikes
The first leg took us from the Ox and out along the Warrego Hwy - I was riding up near the front and man it was fun. Pushing 130 klicks and perched in amongst a group of about 200 rumbling v-twins snaking along the road - what a buzz!! I knew the other guys would be right down the back of the pack - they like to take it easy on the first leg of any poker run we do and sus the situation out - me, well I just have to get amongst it and like to get as close to the front as possible. We took a turn off the highway and headed out through Rosewood along a network of secondary roads - some of them were really lumpy but with little traffic we took up all of the road. We finally ended up at this tiny little pub on the side of the road and in the middle of nowhere which I thought was the first stop. Turns out we took a wrong turn and had become lost!! Ha! The poor publican, who was not expecting such a large crowd, was flat out trying to keep up serving every one of the 200 riders. We drew our second card and after being told we were now part of the first Odins Warriors Mystery Poker Run, headed back to the original first stop.The first 'unscheduled' stop - what's with the boat??
Now when you turn up to do a poker run, or any ride for that matter, you always make sure that your tank is full - that is the golden rule. Not so for old Wolfy boy.....he let us know at the first stop that he was low - no problem - we will pass servos as we head back through Rosewood we told him. But as we headed past fuel stations in Rosewood and a few riders peeled off, Wolf kept riding!! Huh?? What is he doing?? Anyway, I scooted past him and Koff and caught up with Grizz, who was now in amongst it. We ended up at the what was supposed to be the first pub and finally got to eat something.

We waited for the others to show. Tried to ring Koff but no answer. We managed to get a message through to Grasshopper in his car as to where the next stop was going to be - the Old Wooden Pub at Goodna. The call to ride was put out and we re-mounted and headed off. Back onto the Warrego Hwy then onto the Ipswich Mwy to Goodna. I stuck along side Grizz for most of this part of the ride. Got to the pub and again tried to ring Koff but still no answer. Grasshopper, Eddie and Lynne finally showed up and told us what had happened.Hey...that's me....somewhere out on the roadObviously Wolf had run out of fuel - luckily he was able to coast to near a house and managed to get a bit of fuel to get him to the next servo. As he took off the guy that gave him the fuel came running out asking why he took off in the other direction - there was a servo around the corner. The others took off after him and they eventually found him on the side of the road, again out of fuel. Doh! This time Koff took Wolf into Rosewood, leaving the girls with the bike, and managed to get a can of fuel. After returning they rode back into Rosewood and then decided to head home. Nice one Wolfy!!

Anyway, the call went out to return to the clubhouse for a feed and a few drinks so Grasshopper took off with Eddie and Lynne to meet up with us there. It was only a fast 10 minute ride back to the club where we picked up our last card, had a drink or two and got some tucker into us. Sat around chatting about the days events and watching the crowd. There weren't anywhere near as many people at the club house as there was on the Tweed run and there wasn't nearly as much happening either. We decided to head off down to Billy Ladins 40th party.

Was still a good days riding and the weather was perfect - just a little disappointing that we couldn't all stay on the run. Anyway, I don't think Wolf will be let to forget this one in a hurry. I just hope Tiki, who still has my camera, got photos of him on the side of the road. I will definitely be posting them!!

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Blogger snappa11 said...


should have let us know the poker run was on i had nothing to do today ...?

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Blogger Beaker said... time I will contact you. If you are ever looking for a ride please ring me - if I can't go then so be it but more often than not I am riding somewhere.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous boo said...

hey there my bro is a warrior and I guess you got to meet him you can catch me on my bro's been ill of late idiot bumped him off his bike also but id like to catchup with you sometime online
ive just read the google bullshit about Mitch man am I angry I am one who he looked after to keep away from that shit where's a proper website for these guys???ill do a site for em if they want???cheers and safe riding

3:30 AM  
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