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Changing Seasons

How lucky I am!

Got up this morning and slid onto the bike for the 20km ride into work. Nothing better than being on the bike as the sun is rising with the cool morning air brushing your face. You can tell that summer is over - the air is just that bit cooler and the misty haze is starting to appear on the grassy vacant blocks - only light but it's the first indication that the cooler mornings are coming.

We had a wicked weekend of heavy rain and strong winds - I did ride a short distance locally but would not have liked to do any longer distance riding in that kind of weather. (...some of the guys were planning to do the Hells Angels Poker Run over the weekend - wonder how they faired??). Anyway, I think that was natures way of saying "OK - summer is over guys - time for some cooler stuff".

The mid year months are the best riding weather in Queensland - while the southerners are stuck inside sheltering from the cold, wet wintery weather we are blessed with clear warm dry days with some very cold but usually dry nights. Sure beats the very hot and humid conditions of summer.

I just love riding - and I get to do it nearly every day!!


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