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Noodle Bar then Kingscliff...

Well I finally caught up with the crew last Friday at the Noodle Bar - haven't seen them for a few weeks due to having the kids. Spent a bit of time chatting with a few of them. Looks like some of the guys are doing the Midnight till Dawn run this Saturday night leaving from Burleigh. Its run by the American MC on the Gold Coast and should be awesome - the weather is perfect for night riding at the moment. I would love to do it but am going out on Saturday night to see Jon Stevens and Ian Moss and probably won't be in a riding state. I think the guys are also planning on going to Bikemania which I am definitely doing.

Anyway once everyone decided to head home, I rode down the coast to Kat's place. Was a great ride with not too much traffic and the weather was perfecto. I got all the way down to near the lights at the Gold Coast airport following a guy on a sporty (doing about 100) when a car pulled up next to me flashing their lights. I didn't even look to see but immediately thought it was cops coz of the way the lights were flashing, so I gunned it - the border was only a little bit further and they won't cross it. Well this car did keep following me so I let her rip on the near empty motorway and got up to about 160 leaving em behind. Wasn't till I got to Kat's place and she pulled in about 10 minutes behind me that I realised it was her!! Doh!! What a dickhead! Major brain slip thinking I could outrun the cops on my bike and they would have got an eyefull of my plate anyway - I'm just lucky it was only Kat. Dunno what came over me but I won't be trying anything stupid like that again.


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