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Odins Warriors Poker Run

Geez, I have been so slack lately - been over a week since a couple of us did this run and I'm only posting now. Time to pulll finger!!

Well last Saturday the 7th, Grizz and I met up on the M1 and then headed down to pick up Koff. Got to Koff's house and man what a sight - had his lime green (same colour as his Mean Streak!) tee and green floral boardies on - said it was so we wouldn't loose him - ha!! He looked like Kermit!! We got back onto the M1 and proceeded to the South Tweed Hotel just over the border to register for the run. A lot of bikes there already with nearly all being HD's although there was a strong showing of Mean Streaks. Caught up with Wolf (another Mean Streak rider) and his missus and registered for the run.

Started the run around 1pm with about 100 bikes and we headed out to Terranora and then through Murwillumbah and onto the first stop at Uki. Some of the roads we covered were really good taking us through cane fields and then into mountains. Copped a little bit of rain but it was mostly overcast so not too hot. Stopped at the pub in Uki and had lunch and drinks as well as getting our cards stamped.

From Uki we headed along more back roads and over the Burringbar Ranges then crossing the Pacific Hwy - more riding returning across the Pacific Hwy and again more back roads. I must admit the route we took was good. Crossed back onto the beach side of the Pacific Hwy again and this time we headed for Pottsville - a lot of people (campers etc) on the side of the ride watching us slowly make our way to the Pottsville Hotel where we pulled in for a drink and card stamping.

On leaving Pottsville we headed up the coast for a short ride and then back inland winding our way to our next stop at the Tumbulgum Hotel. This is a great pub right on the Tweed River and is usually very busy on weekends - especially when 100 bikes roll up!! It was while here that we noticed a guy on a Road King with a sidecar. He had his son on the back and his missus and a younger son in the sidecar - the whole family doing a poker run - good on him!! After some more card stamping and a couple of drinks it was back on the road towards the OW Clubhouse.

I managed to get in front of the guy and his family in the sidecar and man he was not holding back - considering his cargo. Anyway we meandered through Terranora and eventually ended up at the clubhouse in an industrial estate in South Tweed. Went in and checked the clubhouse out and then ended up outside listening to the band and checking out some of the bikes.

The whole arvo was a really good ride and there were no real idiots on the road. I ended up leaving about 6:30 and headed to Kat's place just down the road at Kingscliff.

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