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I'm a bloody idiot!!

Last Wednesday I got to work late coz I took one of my girls to hospital for her annual checkup. In doing so I missed eating mid morning - for those that know me (or any type 1 diabetic) this is not good. By mid afternoon I had very low blood sugar and was not in the best condition. One of the guys at work realised that I was not well and suggested that I not ride home. So....what do you reckon I did???

For those that don't know much about diabetes....when your blood sugar levels drop below a certain level your body is literally starved of fuel. The first thing that is effected is your brain and it slowly begins to shut down - it feels like being really drunk and really tired. Very dangerous if riding, so I nearly always check myself before riding. On this occassion I did not.

Anyway, I got on my bike and headed for home. I got to Morningside which is near half way and the bike ran out of fuel. Instead of flipping to reserve and cruising into the next fuel stop I rode the bike till it stopped and just kept trying to start it in the middle of Wynnum Rd in peak hour traffic - I was not all there. I got it going for a few hundred metres more and rode straight past a fuel station. When it stopped I again sat there trying to start the bike, still not fully aware of where I was or what I was doing, and again holding traffic up.

I finally pulled off the road and then rolled the bike backwards down a hill really close to on coming traffic (some of them were swerving to avoid me) and then into the servo. I got myself a bottle of Coke and then "came to" realising what I had done. I could have quite easily killed myself or someone else, but when your blood sugar level is low rational thinking goes out the door.

Yesterdat I discussed what happened with some people at work and they now know to check that I am ok before I head for home on the bike. It still freaks me out when I think about the condition I was in and the fact that I was riding in heavy traffic. It was a stupid thing to do.

I don't want to freak anyone out that I ride with but...if your ever on a ride with me just check on me every now and then!

For more info on what diabetes is like, check this out.


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