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Got to Grizz & Pandas place about 9 - Steve & Grasshopper(the man formerly known as Grunter) were there as well Tas (who was up here on work)and Devil (who flew up to join Tas). Grizz was not home - had to attend to some family business - but eventually arrived about 10.30 and we then departed. Panda had to ride on the back of Grizz's bike while Tas and Devil took Pandas VTX. Headed straight up the motorway to the Gateway Toll Plaza where we met Dodge and his lady friend. We pulled in for fuel at Nudgee and then headed up the Bruce - there was again quite a bit of traffic.
Stopped here for a smoke and a chat
Pulled into the Ettamogah Pub for a smoke/drink for a while and while there the guys spoke about the Gladstone trip they are doing next weekend - I would love to be going but have to help Kat move to Kingscliff - luck pricks!! We decided to head to Buderim to have a look for something Grizz dropped off his truck yesterday. Got to a turn off and parked the bikes on the side of the road - had a look along the side of the road and in the bush but nothing was found - oh sorry, Grasshopper the man formerly known as Grunter) found a fork which is probably the first he's had in a while!!

From there we rode through Buderim taking in the scenery - not bad at all. I had never been through there before (what a sheltered life I have led!!) and would definitely return. Finally stopped at Yandina for lunch - nothing special just sat on the footpath in the shade and ate - I needed the food though. We re-fuelled and then decided to head home.
Lunch on the footpath at Yandina
Tas and Devil wanted some pics of the Big Pineapple so we pulled in and parked the bikes right in front of it. Dodge doesn't like pineapple so he thought he would try one smoked - and he did a pretty good job of smoking it!! I'm sure the tourists thought otherwise.
Dodge smokes the Big Pineapple
Anyway,got back on the Bruce Highway for a short squirt and then took the Landsborough turn off and headed back through Caboolture. We stopped for the last time and said our goodbyes then headed down the Bruce at a good pace, onto the Gateway and over the Gatway Bridge. I left em at the Wynnum Road turn off.

All up about 330kms and another entertaining ride.


Blogger grizzpanda said...

Yes Beaker another awesome day of riding on NEW roads. This is one of Grizzleys favourites that's what riding is all about not doing the same old same old which was the case some mths ago now. Believe me there is more to come as the circle of real friends grows.

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