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Stupid Blonde Ho!!

There were some real f**kwits out on the road this morning!! I was scootin along Wynnum Rd into the city just like every other working day when a silver Magna (rego 475-FCB) with a blonde chick behind the wheel decides to sit right up my arse - she was so close to me that she could have seen what I had for breaky. So I do what I always do and apply the brakes to get her away from me - but no she just kept comin I just kept applying my brakes. She couldn't get past me as there was slow traffic in the other lane but eventually she did - her and her little man sitting next to her threw all kinds of insults at me and he even threw a couple of pens and other shit out the window into my path on the road. Shit she had a fowl mouth for a little girl. Anyway, the next 2 sets of traffic lights (I was a few cars in front of them) were quite entertaining as they continued to dish it up to me - I think I pissed em off more coz I just laughed at em. I don't know why everyone thinks that a Harley is a REAL bike - but thats what he kept yelling at me!! Dickhead. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how young they were - just kids.

So..if you ever come across this little ho and her big he man boyfriend just laugh at em - seemed to get more results than abusing them back.


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