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Kobbers AGM

Met with the other 5 Kobber bikes at exit 38 spot on 7 for a 7:30 departure on Saturday morning. Rode down the M1 and picked up another 4 bikes - including Koff's with the new half ape hangers - on the hill at Tweed. Weather looked threatening but it was still warm so decided to do the ride all the way without the plastics. The ride down was really enjoyable - the furthest south I had ever gone on the Pacific Hwy was the Yamba turn off, so I found it interesting. Alley and Spokes caught up to us at Grafton and from there was an easy ride to Coffs Harbour then Sawtell.
Smoko on the way to Sawtell
Arrived about 3pm - the Sydney guys (lots of em) were already there so it was an interesting welcoming at the caravan park. Me and Kat dumped our stuff in our unit and then along with Slayer, Skids, Koff and Tiki headed to the RSL for a drink. Spent a couple of hours drinking and relaxing then headed back to the cabins to get ready for dinner which was at the RSL.
A couple of the guys warming up!!
Skids, Slayer, Tiki, Koff and Kat at dinner on Saturday night
The rest of the weekend was really good fun. Sunday morning Koff, Slayer and myself and our girls went up to the lookout to have a look at the scenery - spectacular and the photos proove it!! Later on we did a ride inland from Coffs - it was pissing down but was still enjoyable - even had a bike go down right in front of us. After comforting her and picking her bike up off the road she hopped back on and slowly rode back to the units. Her hitting the road really freaked me out - but she touched the rear brakes so hopefully she will learn!!

After getting back to the cabins we had a bad tast evening and later a BBQ. Most of us really did well in what we were wearing. After we had finished eating the initiation for all new memebers - incluing me - took place. Gee, Cro did well in telling the bullshit story!!
Group shot of all the Kobbers bikes just before our Sunday ride
Monday morning we packed up and went to breakfast at the pub. After eating said our goodbyes to the Sydney crew and headed home. The ride back was dry but threatening - I will say that going thru the tunnels on the motorway near Murwillumbah with 14 cruisers is a near deafening experience!!

We stopped for the last time at Tugun and said our goodbyes. Kat and I then took off for her mothers place at Robina. It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to hopefully catching up with some of the Sydney guys at the end of November when Kat and I do the Snowy Ride.
At the lookout
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Anonymous Panda said...

That last pic there of the three bikes would looks good enlarged Beaker a really nice shot Koff would be impressed

3:08 PM  
Blogger Beaker said...

There were actually 3 shots taken - one of the bikes alone, one with the girls on the bikes and one with the girls on the bikes and us behind them. I have enlarged all 3 and put em in a frame. I think it's the different coloured bikes that make the shot so good.

11:39 AM  
Blogger grizzpanda said...

Yep a really nice pic and your right its the three different colours instead of the oh so common black.

9:07 AM  

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