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No ride this weekend!!

Well I didn't really get out on the bike this past weekend - had the kids so I needed to spend time with them. We did head down the coast to Broadbeach on Friday night. I took Cass with me on the back of the X (even managed to get lost) and Kat took JB with her in the car. Stayed at her Dad's new place - very 70's and a cool position - walking distance to the beach.

Saturday was AFL Grand Final day so I headed home on my own just after lunch to watch the game. The ride up the M1 was good - not much traffic but still the usual knob who wants to race. Anyway got home in time for the start of the GF - man what a game it was with the Swannys finally getting up.

From there I headed to Eddie's place for his 50th - got there in time for a feed and to say g'day to the LV crew. Good night was had by all - I left early and took a bit of a ride through Stones Corner and then home.

Sunday was spent with the kids. Next Saturday is ride day for me - can't wait!!


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