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Whooohooo!! Another one of those sunny Sundays that we are so used to in Queensland and a ride is on. Both me and Kat jumped on the VTX at about 8:30 and headed for Logan Village for a planned ride south to Murwillumbah in northern NSW. All up about 12 bikes there - just under half were HD's, a Rocket and the rest Jappers. Waited and waited for Dodge - finally got thru to him on the phone and he had just woken up!! Typical!! It was agreed that he would catch up with us at Canungra.

Headed off towards Tamborine at a fair pace - first thing I felt was Kat's knees tightening into my side. She is not used to riding at the pace these guys like to do and she was shittin. I should have backed off a bit...but when your in amongst it you just want to keep going. Big mistake as I could feel her moving like she was not enjoying it. Lost of bends and bumps and that was it - past the point of no return. I don't think Kat will be riding with this mob again - my fault for not slowing a bit. We got to our first stop at Tamborine and she told me that she was not happy with my riding.
First stop at Tamborine
It was then that I realised I had scared the shit out of her - bottoming out and scraping pipes/floorboards - and so I decided to take it easy from here to Canungra. After a bit of a chat and a smoke we jumped on the bikes and headed to Canungra. The views out west as we passed through Mt Tamborine were spectacular - so clear, but it was still pretty cold up there.
Waiting at the lights on the way down to Canungra
Re-grouped at the lights waiting to decend into Canungra and from there didn't see most of the other bikes until we reached Canungra - took it nice and easy taking in the surrounding scenery, trying to calm Kat a bit. As soon as we got to the Canungra Pub we walked into the bar and Kat ordered a Sambuca with a VB chaser - this seemed to work really well as from this point on she relaxed a little although I did take it easier. We were there for about half an hour when Dodge finally arrived - good on him - at least he's true to his word and shows up (and makes us laugh!!).
The pack!!
Back on the road and heading to Lower Beechmont - we stayed with the pack for a while but eventually lost them as I decided to take it slowly. It really is a nice ride through these parts. Met up with a couple of the pack who had waited at the intersection of the road to Natural Arch. Rode a little futher and the rest of the pack had stopped for a smoke. We pulled over and joined em.
Stopped for a smoke/piss waiting for me & Kat
Back in the saddle and heading south - passed Natural Arch where the road narrows and becomes a bit more fun. Over the border and rode a bit further till we pulled up again for smoko in some sleepy little joint. Decided here to head to the Tyalgum Pub for lunch. Ready to go and then it happened - the dreaded HD curse. Taffy's bike would not start - semmed to be electrical so we got him going by giving him a push.
Happy Taffy just before we had to push start his bike
Took the road to Tyalgum which again was a good road to cruise - little rough in spots but that's what you get if you want to avoid the traffic. Finally rode into Tyalgum to find Taffy again on the side of the road - this time the bike had no power whatsoever. Decided to have lunch first then look into it later. Planted ourselves under the tarps in the beer garden of the pub - what a great place - nice and quiet and the pub has enough beds for us to spend a night - think we will be back! The meals were fricken huge and were excellent - we will definately be back!!Lunch at the Tyalgum Pub - what a feed!
Couple of the guys ended up getting Taffy's bike running so we re-mounted and headed the short distance into Murwillumbah. Stopped at the intersection of the main road into town waiting for the trailing 2 bikes of 13 - we had the Rocket arrive but no Taffy!! Tried to ring him but couldn't get him so rode into Murwillumbah. The races we had come to see had finished - rode down the main street and parked. Someone finally got hold of Taffy - he was on the side of the road somewhere not too far off. We all decided to go back and get him - one down all down! Headed to fuel up and all done. It was here that Kat and I decided to head back home to organise our shit so we said our goodbyes and headed back up the motorway to Briz. Only covered 360kms but it felt a lot longer for some reason
Taffy praying to the HD Gods - this pic was actually taken before he had electrical problems with his bike
Never heard how Taffy and the others ended up - felt bad not going back to see how they all fared. If anyone knows the ending to the story please add it in a comment.


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Yep you wont find any tea or scones here guys an awesome friendly bunch of people and no whingers

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