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God Squad Memorial Ride and the Gold Coast Bike Show

The first Saturday of Spring...what a beautiful day it was. Got on the bike and met with Slayer & Skids at their place then ventured over to meet up with other Kobbers at the North meeting point at Maccas on Enoggerra Rd at 9am. From there we took off for a warm up ride over Clear Mouintain and back through Samford before heading over to the muster point at Mt Cootha for the God Squad Memorial Run.

We left there at 11am on what was an entertaining ride - lots of cruisers and quite a few Hyabusas in the ride with some riding like idiots but the majority well behaved. Down the Centenary Hwy, Logan Mwy, Mt Lindsay Hwy, Canungra over Tamborine - I managed to leave the road on the way up to Tamborine but was lucky enough to run into some deep dirt that pulled me up fairly quick (I was being an IDIOT trying to keep up) – I quickly turned to make it look like I had stopped to wait for someone (ego still intact!!!) and then rejoined the group near the tail to catch my breath. We stopped at the Eagle Heights Pub for a BBQ lunch. If you ever want to visit a pub with a view try this one – the beer garden at the back of the pub has sensational views of the coastline from South Straddie all the way to the border and the weather on Saturday made it all the better.

After filling up on snags and salad and then some ride sponsor trivia from some of the God Squad boys the ride headed to the Gold Coast Bike Show. What a sight we must have been when the leaders of the ride took a wrong turn and then decided to u turn at lights on one of the motorways on the coast. Anyway, we finally made it to the show and parked for a look. Personally I did not think much of the bike show – lots of tents with wannabe chopper builders – although most of em do look good - and the usual accessory re-sellers ripping everyone off. I must say that I did not get to walk through the main tent due to it being crowded from everyone wanting to see the judging of the choppers. Not to worry – there were a few scantly clad girlies which made it worth the journey. We even saw the Cougar girls mum (she looked about 40 not out - that's age and inches) walking around in her stretched white Cougar top!!

Man it was hot in the sun though so I decided to do the run home to Brissie up the M1 with only my vest on so I fixed my jacket to the rear seat with some occy straps - doh - first mistake. Stopped for fuel at Coomera and then continued until the first Beenleigh turn off when I felt for my jacket and you guessed it – not there . I caught up to Slayer & Skids who I was riding home with and told em to pull over. I told em what had happened and we then decided to head back to find it. We rode over the motorway and headed back to Coomera. As we headed back south I knew that I would not see the jacket again - 400 buckeroos down the drain. We got to the Coomera turn off and rode over the motorway to head north again. The closer to Beenleigh we got the more I cursed, ranting and raving about that jacket until….Slayer pointed to the left of the road and there it was. I quickly pulled off the road and walked back to pick it up copping a bit from passers by I might add!!!! It had been run over a couple of times but because I had zipped it up there was no real damage to it. I reckon it came off the seat just before we got to the Beenleigh turn off and noticed it gone just after loosing it – how lucky am I!! Anyway we continued on up the M1 till I left Slayer & Skids at the Cleveland exit about 5.30pm. An eventful day for sure!!

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